Diamond Turning

Diamond Turning


Single point diamond turning is a technique that refers to machines which uses ultra sharp diamond as a cutting tool. Lathes are also used to increase the accuracy to product plastic or metal optics. For example: Lens shape. 

The use of special machine tools (Eg: Diamond Lathe) with single-crystal diamond-cutting tools to produce metal optics is called diamond-turning.

The diamond-turning process produces finished surfaces by very accurately cutting away a thin chip or layer of the surface. The resulting surface is often of a high quality mirror finish with a profile that accurately adheres to the desired final product.  

The advantages of diamond turning are: 

  • It can produce good optical surfaces clear to the edge of the optical element. This is important in making scanners, polygons, special shaped flats, and when producing parts with interrupted cuts.

  • It can turn soft ductile materials that are extremely difficult to polish.

  • It can easily produce off-axis parabolas and other difficult-to-lap a spherical shapes.

  • It can produce optical elements with a significant cost advantage over conventional lapping and polishing where the relationship of the mounting surface—or other feature—to the optical surface are very critical.