Why Choose Moveon?

With consumer electronics supporting internet applications increasingly, the demand for optical components has increased exponentially.

Even so, optics engineering is still considered a niche field, which means that most product manufacturers do not have an in-house expertise for it. This situation creates a gap in the processes of many companies.

Moveon Technologies aims to bridge that gap, acting as an extension of our clients’ organizations and allowing them to leverage on our engineering expertise for their manufacturing functions. We are a one-stop shop for optics, covering design, prototyping, and volume production. Little wonder our clients think of us as their optical technology partners.

Instead of having a fixed set of products, we manufacture optical components based on our clients’ precise requirements. Initially, all they have to do is to give us a comprehensive product brief. Our specialists will then not only deliver on their expectations but also suggest possible improvements.

We believe in working closely with each other to achieve maximum productivity and success. Our people easily adapt to different work cultures and dynamics, ensuring good relations every step of the way.